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“Perfect eyebrows make you feel and look younger”

Eyebrows give definition and character to your face. They frame and highlight your eyes and give symmetry to your face. The right shape and colour gives you a well groomed and fresher appearance which can actually make you look younger.

There are many reasons to want treatment. Perhaps your eyebrows are thin or irregular? Or have they been over-plucked or you have suffered a complete loss? Or do you just need some subtle changes? Do you struggle every day to pencil in the right shape? Annie can give you perfect eyebrows that are there when you wake up each morning. Using her highly skilled techniques and artistry, she will design and create eyebrows for you with individual hair strokes that give a completely natural look. Your new eyebrows will give your face the shape and balance and symmetry that you struggled to achieve at home. This treatment is ideal for the busy life style, where your time is precious. Whatever you are doing, including swimming or exercise, your smudge free eyebrows will carry on looking great 24 hours a day whatever the weather. As a result you can expect an eyebrow treatment by Annie to boost your confidence and it may well be the best investment in yourself you make. Have a look round the website and then give Annie a call and find out how you can get perfect eyebrows.




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