My eyebrows have always been sparse and were becoming non-existent as I got older. I had been getting up courage to consider a semi-permanent solution, but felt anxious about this. I do not do anything invasive to my skin or body. Annie immediately inspired confidence. She explains it all very carefully and checks at every stage to make sure you are happy. In fact the treatment was quite relaxing, and the result has been fantastic, exceeding expectations. It has made a real difference to my appearance and looks very natural, just much better than my own. I am delighted, and can recommend Annie wholeheartedly.
Vicky – Housing Executive


AMAZING! Having worn glasses and contact lenses for the 15 years, I have always struggled with applying make-up + it getting into my eyes. The eyelash enhancement has changed my life! I have saved 15 minutes every morning by not having to apply any eyeliner and it’s great to wake up with my make-up already on!
Tara – Therapist (Chelsea)


I’m so pleased with the results, Annie, I really feel I look great now. My life is so hectic and I’m not good at making up so sometimes I have to go without make-up. But now I don’t have to worry as I know that I still look great all day long!  Thank you so much for what you have done for me.
Isabel (eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner)


…the must have treatment for the beach summer! No smudged eyeliner, just defined beautiful eyes! I have just had my top-up session for my eyeliner and I am so pleased with the results! I can’t wait to have my monthly mink eyelash extensions so I can say goodbye to clumpy mascara!
Georgina – Interior designer


I really wasn’t happy with my pale eyebrows but I didn’t know what to do about them until I met Annie. She’s really brilliant! My new eyebrows give my face a lift and I am younger Iooking. I am so happy, I would recommend Annie to anyone.
Rachel – Executive


A coupIe of good friends told me how good Annie is, so I wanted her to do my eyelash enhancement. A great decision!  What’s she has done is fantastic -my lashes look thicker and my eyes look brighter but no one knows how!  Suhaila- from Dubai


I wanted to treat myself after the baby so I decided to have eyeliner done. I was afraid it was going to hurt but I just felt slight discomfort during the treatment. It has really boosted my confidence and I feel great.  I am thrilled with the result. Maxine – environmentalist


When I had the first treatment my eyeliner faded slightly like Annie said it would. After the top-up the shade is just what I wanted.  When my clients ask me about my eyeliner I am happy to recommend Annie. When they come back just as pleased with the results as I am!
Mina – Beauty therapist (High Street Kensington)


I go to Annie for eyelash extensions and she suggested I have the eyeliner. It’s the best money I’ve  spent on a treatment. It makes my eyes look stunning and I’m so pleased when I see myself in the mirror. Now I don’t need to worry about smudged eyeliner after a long day!
Daisy – Nursery owner


I wanted my eyes to look better but nothing too obvious.  When Annie told me about her eyelash enhancement treatment I knew it was just for me. Now my lashes look thicker and my eyes are more shiny and open. I just love the look she’s given me!
Michaela – Banker


Annie did it all for me – eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner - so no time spent making-up in the morning! I just look good all day - when I have an early morning meeting I get up and go.
Heidi – TV Executive


My patchy eyebrows let me down – and it was hard work with an eyebrow pencil to make them look right.  Annie has transformed my face - now I have lovely natural looking, perfectly shaped eyebrows. I feel perfectly groomed all the time which is how I need to be in my job.
June – Banker








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